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Director's Message

Dear Families,


Welcome to School Year 2019-2020! We’re excited and grateful for the opportunity to partner together in your student’s educational journey!


Education is a grand gateway into freedom, contribution, and fulfilling one’s life purpose. We must do all we can to help our children learn the skills of leadership, productivity, self-awareness, and to pursue the life and work that most fills them with joy.


As part of this journey, a major focus for our learning community is to support student agency (autonomy, creativity, making responsible choices, being self-directed, etc.), and achievement (making progress in math, reading and writing, and other core skills).


When students have strong skills, they are stronger in their ability to exercise agency. To that end, we will be working with families and students to identify current achievement levels using an assessment called iReady as well as implementing related curriculum resources to support student achievement. If your Educational Facilitator hasn’t discussed this topic with you yet, be sure to bring it up the next time you meet.


By now, you should have met with your Educational Facilitator and have had the opportunity to meet with other members of the Dimensions Learning Community via Welcome Back get-togethers.  


To stay up-to-date, please be sure to activate your Parent Square account as well as visit our website where you’ll find links to our different programs.


Wishing you the greatest success in your learning journey.


Tony Drown

School Director