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About Dimensions

At Dimensions Collaborative, you get to play an active role in your child’s K-12 education while having the flexibility to choose their schedule and curriculum. Whether you want in-class learning opportunities, access to a local learning center and support while you homeschool or focus on independent study, or if you want a blend of these options, you’re in the right place! We have all the resources and support you need, so you can have peace of mind that your child is safe, engaged in their learning, and able to pursue some of their own interests and hobbies. 

At the same time, you can rest assured they’re getting a quality education as each Dimensions team member has, on average, over 10 years experience in education.  Moreover, 60% of our staff are active independent study or homeschool families!


How Does it Work?


First, we’ll help you identify how your child learns best, so we can focus the curriculum around their learning styles and their interests. Then we’ll provide you with a personalized learning plan that is easy to follow, puts you and your child in charge of designing their education, and teaches them to love learning and achieve their goals.


Throughout the year, you will have access to our Educational Facilitators, so you have the guidance and support you need. Plus your child can take enrichment classes at a resource center near you to develop and nurture their interests.


Paired with a flexible schedule to pursue their own interests and hobbies, your child will be excited about learning again! And you can have peace of mind that your child will get the individualized attention they need to learn and succeed.



Why it Works


Everyone likes learning, but not everyone likes school, and those that typically do not care for school tend to thrive in a self-directed learning environment.  Through a three-way partnership between parent, student, and a credentialed Educational Facilitator, Dimensions Collaborative provides a variety of enriching environments to inspire, challenge, and guide students in taking ownership and agency of their own learning. 


Charter schools are a tuition-free school of choice. Charter schools have the same accountability as district schools but have greater flexibility to use a wide range of curriculum and learning environments to meet students’ needs and goals. Credentialed teachers with training beyond the traditional teaching credential develop a personalized learning plan which addresses dispositions, modalities, interests, talents, learning environment, current abilities, available resources, and personal and professional goals.     


If your child is not inspired by their current learning environment, we encourage you to contact us to find out how you can add life back to their learning by choosing how, when, and what they learn. 

Personalized Learning with Dimensions Collaborative Begins with Understanding Your Child's Learning Style


Learning Styles for your Student

The one subject we don’t study – ourselves – may be the basis for success in studying all the others.

The Learning Success™ Institute

At Dimensions, we understand that your child’s learning style goes beyond auditory, visual, and kinesthetic modalities. This is why we assess Disposition,   Modality, Interests, Talents, and Environment to develop a personalized learning plan for each child. This assessment tool, developed by Mariaemma Willis and Victoria Hodson, authors of Discover Your Child’s Learning Style, provides a blueprint for a successful personalized learning plan to meet a wide range of learning needs. Regardless of whether you’re a homeschool parent or your child is doing independent study or taking enrichment classes at a Dimensions learning center, you will find these personalized learning plans to be instrumental in your child’s level of engagement and ultimately their success.


Who benefits from a Learning Styles Education Plan?

Dimensions Teachers

At Dimensions, our teachers are trained in how to use your child’s learning style profile to address their specific needs and goals to be successful in their academic goals and in preparing for life. Several of our teachers are certified by the LearningSuccess™ and all of our teachers are committed to using a needs-based model of education as a positive approach to learning. At staff meetings, teachers engage in workshops on learning styles and curriculum customization to ensure that they can help meet the needs of each unique student. This helps our teachers do what they do best: use students’ interests and talents to inspire them to find their passion and develop the necessary skills to succeed.


Dimensions Parents

Our parents have a supportive and caring staff to assist them in choosing homeschool curriculum and independent study coursework that works with their child’s unique learning style. Parents who value that the world contains a spectrum of learning styles are better equipped to help their child. The majority of students need alternatives to the traditional model of learning, and parents using their child’s learning style profile glean ways of doing this at home. Parents are able to demonstrate to their children that they “hear” them and recognize them as individuals. Some children like learning with music, or work in an interactive way. Others prefer alone time to wonder and think through things in an imaginative way. Having the tools to validate each child’s uniqueness without judgment or labels is heartening to Dimensions parents.


Dimensions Students

All children at Dimensions benefit from having teachers who use a blueprint to better understand how uniquely they learn, whether in independent study or enrichment classes. Having a personalized learning curriculum allows children to see success. “Success leads to more success,” is a LearningSuccess™ core philosophy that is a key ingredient for children. Kids soon realize that at Dimensions, they can find ways of learning that makes sense to them. Some children need to “see it” or “experience it” or “say it” in order to learn. Having a profile that tells their teacher (and parent-teacher) how they best learn ensures that they will indeed “get it” and progress.


High school students who use the profile are encouraged by the validation they receive at being acknowledged for who they are. Developing their talents and interests, these students develop self-confidence and self-esteem.


We must stop drawing attention to what people cannot do and start emphasizing what they can do~
           Willis and Hodson