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Students in the Spotlight

2020 Dimensions Collaborative School Virtual Talent Show


The following is a video presentation of Dimensions Collaborative School’s 2020 Virtual Talent Show. All artwork and video performances were created by our 2019-2020 VAPA students.  Please click on the photo to begin the talent show. We hope you enjoy the show. 


Talent Show



Students Directing Their Own Learning!


Logan Edra


Logan Edra is an 11th grader who has been a student at Dimensions since 2015. Over the years we have had the privilege of watching her dance career explode. Logan had this to say about a recent project: “In collaboration with Red Bull, Red Bull Records and Vibrvncy, I got to direct, produce, choreograph and dance in my own video! It was an awesome challenge for me as an artist. As far as dance performance and choreography, I got to work on execution, relating the vision of the tone of the video with the movement and choreography, and executing the choreography despite the various tasks I was given.”

Congratulations on your fantastic achievement Logan!





Kyra Hartz


Kyra Hartz is a second-year student at Dimensions and halfway through 5th grade. Kyra came to Dimensions in order to have the academic support she needs to excel in her studies and pursue her passions. She is interested, and very talented, in baking and art however, at the top of the list is figure skating. She has only been figure skating for three and a half years and has found herself advancing through levels of ability much faster than her peers.


A tight schedule with twenty hours a week training has equipped Kyra for two separate recitals and five competitions during the year. Kyra performs in all three categories; Artistic, Spotlight Dramatic, and Interpretive at the Ice-Plex arena in Escondido, CA. In the past, it has been difficult to grow in her interests and talents while holding to a traditional model of education. Then she found Dimensions. With a school-wide focus on autonomy, mastery, and purpose Kyra has progressed in academics because she is able to explore and incorporate her individual talents and interests. She is able to work at her own pace and create academic goals centered on her passions. Kyra’s mother explained; “there is no Kyra without figure skating.”


Kyra will be featured in the upcoming Holiday show “Christmas Through the Years – ON ICE” premiering at 5 pm December 8, 2019, at the Ice-Plex arena. When asked about her future goals Kyra said she would like to continue to compete and perform as long as she can. With aspirations of performing with Disney on Ice, she is grateful for Dimensions Collaborative School. If there is one thing that is certain, Kyra says she, “will always want to put on sparkly dresses and make people happy.”