North County

"Imagination is the source of all human achievement."

  ~Sir Ken Robinson


Our Vibrant Learning Centers

  • Local, legally compliant, small learning centers offering a wide range of classes, workshops, labs, activities, and space to connect with peers up to four days per week
  • Personalized learning environments in Humanities, STEAM, and Visual and Performing Arts
  • Support for academic foundations in math, reading, writing, and science
  • Dynamic, enriching, creative activities including, organized field trips, maker space, visual and performing arts, and VEX Robotics

Please note: Class offerings will vary by learning center.


An Education Journey: Where Students Direct Their Own Learning


Our 1 - 4 Day Weekly Program Incorporates:

  • Learner-Driven Community
  • Interest-Led Projects
  • Socratic Discussions
  • Collaborative Environment
  • Self-Paced Reading, Writing, Math
  • Critical Thinking & 21st Century Skills
  • Real World Apprenticeships & Mentoring
  • Character Development
  • Adventure Excursions
  • Creative Arts Electives
  • Personalized Portfolios of Meaningful Work
Class Schedules for Spring 2020
Celebrating Individuality, Curiosity, and Initiative
Broadway Learning Center K-5th
1800 North Broadway 
Escondido, CA 92026
(760) 291-1769
Montiel Learning Center 6th-12th
1441 Montiel Road #145
Escondido, CA 92026
(760) 743-5800
Greg Hartman
Regional Manager
(760) 560-7664