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  1. I am a 70 year old geometer/artist (retired on fixed income). I opened a website, morphohedron. com
    Unfortunately, it is not very good, and I haven’t had any response. I definitely need some help.
    Thank you

    • greglin says:

      Hi Stephen,

      Your website doesn’t look bad. What are you trying to accomplish? If you are promoting your book, I recommend you provide more details about the book. You should also make sure the site is search engine optimized. Test the site at a place like http://www.websitegrader.com/. Please respond if you have questions.

      Greg Lindsay

  2. Laura says:

    Did there used to be a MUD at this address? Is it still around? If that’s gibberish to you, forgive me. I used to play a game, I *think* hosted at this .org. I haven’t logged in in years, had the itch to do so today, but couldn’t connect. I came to check that I had the correct port, but lo and behold, it’s an entirely different website! Anyhow I thought I’d just check if you’re the same owner. (It’s entirely possible I have the wrong address, too of course.) If you are the same guy, let me know if your MUD is still around?

    • greglin says:

      Hi Laura,
      Yes, this is Galen who was an Imp on the Mud. I have the code for it, but wasn’t able to get it running due to too many errors on the new OS. I didn’t try extremely hard though. I might be able to get it up again if people are interested. By the way, the old server shut down so this is a new server.

      • Laura says:

        Well hello Galen!
        I had several characters, but don’t remember the name of the minotaur I played most frequently (it’s written somewhere…). I was going to do some world-design stuff with Shiro at one point, but having a baby left me a *little* busy. I’ve logged in now and then over the years though. To be honest it was usually pretty quiet; I don’t know that anyone else is looking. When I did run into people or notes though, it was often the same handful of names so who knows, they may get the itch to revisit too. (I’d log in obviously – a player base of 1!)

        Sorry to hear you had to change servers!

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