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Dimensions Collaborative School (DCS) is a student-driven program with learning centers operating throughout San Diego County.
With the guidance of a California credentialed Educational Facilitator, learners are empowered to pursue deeper and meaningful learning by creating and following a learning plan and designing a network which integrates specific standards with their unique learning needs and interests. Students work with others both within and outside their grade level and have access to facilitators and mentors with a wide variety of talents and backgrounds. Optional group instruction is offered at learning centers 2-4 days per week and multiple opportunities are provided for other specialized instruction and real-world learning.
During their educational journey, students demonstrate mastery by making progress toward expertise in areas related to their goals, autonomy through choice and self-directed learning activities, and a sense of purpose by participating in authentic learning which contributes to something larger than themselves. Learning has purpose by engaging in discussions, activities, and work products which contribute to developing their maximum potential.

Upcoming Events

Recent News

Home School 101 Information Session with Elisa Hillard

Come learn more about our home-school program with regional manager Elisa Hillard. Elisa is a fifteen year veteran in homeschooling; for the past 15 years she has worked with homeschooling families throughout San Diego County.

Fall Referral Program

Refer a friend during the month of October and your name will be entered in a raffle to win a $100 gift card!

Parenting Workshop - Mission Valley

Curious. Self-Starter. Capable. Respectful. Cooperative. Empathic. Collaborative. Self-confident. Courageous. Are these some of the qualities you would like your child to develop?

Now Accepting applications for Enrollment!

Dimensions Collaborative School is now accepting enrollment applications for school year 2018 - 2019! Contact us today to see how a Personalized Learning Plan will transform your student's Education!

At A Glance

  • 7-time Competitors at Robotics World Championships
  • 100% CA Credentialed Staff
  • 60% of Staff From Homeschooling Families
  • 12 Colleges Available for Concurrent Enrollment
  • 99% Graduation Rate for Cohort Seniors
  • 5 Resource Centers throughout San Diego County

FAQ about Dimensions

What is the connection between Dimensions Collaborative School and Dehesa Charter School?
Read this brief F.A.Q. explaining how we got to this point in our journey!